Visitor Management Systems and Features Details

VMS Systems are widely used in the public areas such as malls, railway stations and airports.

Visitor Management Systems

Organizations need enhanced security features when it comes to visitor management and tracking. Our technology seamlessly integrates and compiles data from swipe cards, biometric technology, mobile devices and much more. Our technology provides an array of functionality and reports for in-depth analysis of each and every employee. Large enterprises have an exodus of people, who visit company stakeholders for interviews, parcel deliveries, etc. This is where a visitor management system allows organizations track visitors on a daily basis, by ID registrations, visitor approvals, process management, pass or badge management, and record keeping.

Systems Features & Benefits

    Admin Software Info
  • The modules have both Administrator and User logins and the roles and functions under each login. No installations required on the client side. Can use any system with popular internet browser. You can create any number of users here. Role can be set for the user if he is a non Admin. Facility to black list visitors to restrict access.
  • Register Visitors Informations
  • Registration of Visitor and Temporary workers at Reception / Pre-Registration by Employee. Captures basic information of a visitor like Name, Company Name, Address, etc. Visitor pictures clicked at the entry are stored on the server for future reference. Option to register fingerprint impression of visitor facilitating high level security. Enter Information regarding Laptops, Phone, or any other items carried to the premises.
  • Tracking Visitors using Systems Code Readers Machine and Report generate with all Details.

Recommended Locations

  • VMS Systems for Malls, Commercial Buildings, railway stations, Company or Work Stations and airports. our Company provide Free Software Installation and AMC ServicesTC*.